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About Me

If only, I knew then what I know now. I hate that saying, it speaks to time lost, maybe even time wasted.  If we are lucky and stay healthy, we can hunt big game for 55 years. Which means I am close to the midpoint. I look back and embrace the things I have learned over that time. But, I always stop on a question: Why did it take so long?

This blog is subtitled meta-learning for the mountain hunter. The intent, easily digestible knowledge at everyone’s fingertips. Twenty plus years of trial and error, boiled down into a two to three minute read or video. I hope this can help people become better hunters now, the clock is ticking.

If you make a mistake in the outdoors, learn from it. The next time, when an opportunity presents itself, and you don't repeat the mistake, you have #comefarpilgrim

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